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Moscow – Saint Peterburg

Schedule 2017: 9.6. – 18.6., 21.7. – 30.7.

Tour description

During the tour you will have splendid opprtunity to get in touch with rich cultural backing and historical attitudes of the country. The two most valuable and famous eye catchers will make a good start and end of your trip – these are the Gold-Domed Moscow and the Northen Capital – Sankt-Petersburg. Your acquaintance with Moscow will be wisely guided from the Red Square and Kremlin of course. You will get to know different periods in the history of Russia – from Tsar times, then through the Soviet epoch and forward on till nowadays Russia.
p1130850As soon as we get out of the Capital you will face the real suburbia countryside that tracks its history from the ancient times. Here and there you find cathedrals, operating monasteries, Kremlin ensembles, worships of the ancient Russia, antique mansions, of Russia knights and earls. You will participate in traditional Russian amusements and open air celebrations; you will try Russian Banya and test the real shashlik and pies from the oven!

Visit to Velikiy Novgorod, one of the ancient Russian town, where you could touch the history walking around Kremlin and wooden village Vitoslavlitsi.
ples_web-9By the end of the trip you will by Sankt-Petersburg – European city of Peter the Great. That city keeps enormous collections of art valuables. St. Petersburg is that very place where the Soviet epoch was started – you willget a chance to step aboard of Aurora cruiser – the history of the whole country was turned up side down with its gun shot. You will see and visit splendid parks and palaces of the city and its umbrella surroundings – The Hermitage, Petrodvorets and others.

russia023_spb_peterhofTour route:

  1. Arrival to Moscow. Welcome dinner.
  2. Moscow, city-tour.
  3. Moscow – Souzdal, 280 km
  4. Souzdal – Plyos – Yaroslavl, 300 km
  5. Yaroslavl – Uglich – Tver, 380 km
  6. Tver – Seliger Lake, 180 km
  7. Seliger Lake – Novgorod Veliky, 290 km
  8. Novgorod Velikiy – Sankt-Petersburg, 190 km
  9. Sankt-Petersburg, city- tour. Good-bye dinner.
  10. Departure from Sankt Petersburg.

Day 1: Arrival to Moscow.Transfer to the hotel. Welcome dinner.

Day 2: Moscow city tour ( Kremlin and the Red Square, Moscow State University, Victory Park, Novodevichiy Monastery and other). Afternoon for shopping, museum visiting and leisure. Motocycles getting at the hotel. Visit to bikers’ club. Overnight in Moskow.

Day 3: Departure from Moscow. Riding to Souzdal through small Russian towns and villages. On a way, in case of good weather condition visit to a small unique church Pokrova on Nerl river. Souzdal is one of the main orthodox church religious centers in Russia, a picturesque green town, where you can at the same time feel the Russian country life and enjoy walks around fairy tale dome convents. Inside Souzdal the atmosphere is as if nothing had changed since the nineteenth century, goats, chicken and cows graze freely next to the kremlin and monasteries, and on the grassy lanes.

Day 4: On a way to Yaroslavl visit Plyos. Plyos is not only the most picturesque, but also the smallest one in the Golden Ring. For over eight centuries already it has been standing on the sleep bank of the Volga River. Now the town is famous for its serene scenic beauty and its reputation as artists’ heaven. This is due largely to the renownof Isaac Levitan, the landscape painter who recordedlocal scenes. The city of Yaroslavl on the Volga is one thousand year old (in 2010). The city is world famous for its historical and cultural heritage and an unforgettable atmosphere of old Russian provincial town. As the city was once the center of an independent principality, it may be proud of its wonderful architecture, churches and monasteries in particular, with treir bright decoration and frescoes. Yaroslavl is also famous for the beauty of its embankments.

Day 5: From Yaroslavl riding to the west. First town on a way is Myshkin. In spite of being small the town is a cultural and tourist centre, boastig the unique Mouse Museum, open air Museum of Wooden Architecture, Russian Vodka Museum. The next destination is Uglich with its beautiful embankments of Volga rivaand local museums such as Ghost museum, Jail museum and other. Uglich is famous for its cheese and watch factories. Tver the final destination of the day is the place where many famouse people were born and lived. Afanasiy Nikitin, Russian adventurer and explorer, was born here. Nikolai Ostrovsky, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Saltykov-Shchedrin the famous Russian writers lived here.

Day 6: Riding to Seliger Lake – pearl of Russian nature – one of the biggest lakes in Russia with a huge system of small lakes linked by effluents. There are nearly 200 islands in Seliger. The lake is considered very clear – its water transparency is 5 m. In the afternoon boat trip to the Monastery Nilova Poustin. The functioning monastery Nilova Pustyn’is considered to be the spiritual center of the region, and is one of the greatest cultural monuments of the Orthodox culture. It is also possible to get to the top of the monastery’s bell tower and feast your eyes on the picturesque panorama of the lake islands, villages, and churches on the lake shores. Russian barbeque for dinner!

Day 7: From Seliger to Novgorod riding through forests and small nice villages, before entering city visit to Wooden Architecture Museum Vitoslavlitsy on a bank of Ilmen Lake ( if we have time). In the afternoon walking tour around Novgorod, Kremlin visiting. Novgorod is the cradle of the Russian state, home of the Russian democratic and republican traditions, and and a spiritual and military stronghold of Orthodox Russia. Medieval Novgorod was one of the largest European centers of enlightenment and culture. Nowadays it is a modern town with a well-developed economy, social services and infrastructure. Dinner at the restaurant which is situated in a Kremlin tower.

Day 8: Riding to St. Petersburg – the Northern capital of Russia. On a way visit to Petrodvorets – the Palace and residence of Tsar Family – the unique treasure of architecture ( if we have time).

Day 9: Sankt-Petersburg city tour ( Nevskiy, Peter and Paul Fortress- Hermitage, Aurora and other). Afternoon for leisure. Good-bye dinner.

Day 10: Tour finish. Departure.

We have rights to change the program according to weather and road condition.

Motorcycle type BMW driver i. Si.-Room driver i. Dou.-Room co-driver
R 1200 GS € 3230,- € 2980,- € 1150,-
F 800 GS € 3130,- € 2880,- € 1150,-
F 650 GS € 2730,- € 2480,- € 1150,-

Included services are:

  • Motorcycle rental
  • Motorcycle insurance (Self cover: € 1000,- bis € 2000,-)
  • Motorcycle tourguide
  • English speaking tourguide
  • Fuel
  • Hotels 3-4* with breakfast
  • City sightseeing: Moskau, Souzdal, Novgorod, Yaroslavl, St. Petersburg
  • Hello- and Good Bye dinner
  • Barbeque at Seliger Lake
  • Airport transfer