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Hello Bikers !

Welcome to “MOTOGERMANIA“, the motorcycle travel business in the heart of Germany and Europe.

Motorcycles are very popular in Germany. In 2009, more than 3.6 million bikes are on german roads. The large number of biking enthusiasts creates a very diverse and versatile motorcycle scene in Germany. There are plenty of dealers for motorcycles and motorcycle accessories throughout the country. You will also find lots of hotels and guesthouses that are specifically cater to bikers. Countless bike meetings take place every weekend during the summer – many of them especially for a single brand or single type of motorcycle. Germany is the only country where you can drive your sports bike legally at full speed on public roads – the Autobahn. The roads in Germany are well-maintained which makes it fun to tour counties and forests on winding roads and enjoy sightseeing.
Speed junkies can simply use the Autobahn or alternatively get access to a race track, for example the world-famous Nuerburgring or the Hockenheimring. The Nuerburgring very unique for its historic racetrack, the so-called Nordschleife. This part of the track is often open for private use. For a fee you can take your bike on the race track. One lap has a length of 21 km (13 mi) and 73 curves ! We also have instructors providing race track training, if wanted.

On our site you can get all the information about the impressive German biking scene. We welcome you to join this motorcycle community for your next vacation. We will offer you a customized dream motorcycle vacation tour – just contact us.
Hi guys, I am Joe. I am 45 years old and I have been driving motorcycles since I was 16. I have owned many different bikes in all those years and I cannot imagine a life without motorcycles.

I have been to the US quite a few times and I have visited 26 US states and a few in Canada. I travelled by car, motor-home and, of course, by bike. I have seen all large National Parks and National Monuments from Mexico to Canada and many of the State and local parks.

My first visit to the US was in 1988. In 1996 I went to Iowa to spend 18 month working at Ames Lab. Even though the roads in Iowa do not have much to offer to a motorcyclist used to European roads, I could not withstand the urge to buy a bike. I was shocked to find out – from a local Harley dealer – that I would have to pay much more money for a used Harley than the list price of a new one. So I decided to get another bike instead. I bought a Ducati 900 Monster in Des Moines, IA. This is the only Ducati dealer in Iowa – yes, Iowa is provincial. I used the Ducati for trips to St. Louis, Chicago, San Antonio, and into the Rocky Mountains.

When I left the US in 1998 I shipped the bike to Germany. This was the second bike I shipped to Germany. The first one was a Honda CBR 600 F, that I had used to travel 4000 mi within 5 weeks in 1994.

I discovered America by bike and I had a lot of fun doing so. That experience combined with my love for bikes led me to the idea to organize motorcycle tours in Germany and Europe. Based on my and my wives personal backgrounds we are organizing tours for foreign bikers from all over the world, but especially from America and Russia.

There are already some motorcycle tour providers, but we feel that we offer greater flexibility regarding the rental bikes, the tours, as well as the accommodation. We can offer anything from a simple tour to an all inclusive booking and tour service. It is our ambition to meet de individual needs of every customer. Have a look at the links on this site and see for yourself what we can do for you.

Founder and moving spirit of this enterprice is my wife Tanja. Here we are …. guess where